Metres to Feet & Inches Full Height Conversion Chart (0m-2m)

Full conversion tables for metres to feet and inches (m to ft in) conversions from 0 metres to 2 metres in centimetre steps. The height conversion is given to an accuracy of 1/100th of an inch.

mft & inin
0.010ft 0.4in0.39
0.020ft 0.8in0.79
0.030ft 1.2in1.18
0.040ft 1.6in1.57
0.050ft 2.0in1.97
0.060ft 2.4in2.36
0.070ft 2.8in2.76
0.080ft 3.1in3.15
0.090ft 3.5in3.54
0.100ft 3.9in3.94
0.110ft 4.3in4.33
0.120ft 4.7in4.72
0.130ft 5.1in5.12
0.140ft 5.5in5.51
0.150ft 5.9in5.91
0.160ft 6.3in6.30
0.170ft 6.7in6.69
0.180ft 7.1in7.09
0.190ft 7.5in7.48
0.200ft 7.9in7.87
0.210ft 8.3in8.27
0.220ft 8.7in8.66
0.230ft 9.1in9.06
0.240ft 9.4in9.45
0.250ft 9.8in9.84
mft & inin
0.260ft 10.2in10.24
0.270ft 10.6in10.63
0.280ft 11.0in11.02
0.290ft 11.4in11.42
0.300ft 11.8in11.81
0.311ft 0.2in12.20
0.321ft 0.6in12.60
0.331ft 1.0in12.99
0.341ft 1.4in13.39
0.351ft 1.8in13.78
0.361ft 2.2in14.17
0.371ft 2.6in14.57
0.381ft 3.0in14.96
0.391ft 3.4in15.35
0.401ft 3.7in15.75
0.411ft 4.1in16.14
0.421ft 4.5in16.54
0.431ft 4.9in16.93
0.441ft 5.3in17.32
0.451ft 5.7in17.72
0.461ft 6.1in18.11
0.471ft 6.5in18.50
0.481ft 6.9in18.90
0.491ft 7.3in19.29
0.501ft 7.7in19.69
mft & inin
0.511ft 8.1in20.08
0.521ft 8.5in20.47
0.531ft 8.9in20.87
0.541ft 9.3in21.26
0.551ft 9.7in21.65
0.561ft 10.0in22.05
0.571ft 10.4in22.44
0.581ft 10.8in22.83
0.591ft 11.2in23.23
0.601ft 11.6in23.62
0.612ft 0.0in24.02
0.622ft 0.4in24.41
0.632ft 0.8in24.80
0.642ft 1.2in25.20
0.652ft 1.6in25.59
0.662ft 2.0in25.98
0.672ft 2.4in26.38
0.682ft 2.8in26.77
0.692ft 3.2in27.17
0.702ft 3.6in27.56
0.712ft 4.0in27.95
0.722ft 4.3in28.35
0.732ft 4.7in28.74
0.742ft 5.1in29.13
0.752ft 5.5in29.53
mft & inin
0.762ft 5.9in29.92
0.772ft 6.3in30.31
0.782ft 6.7in30.71
0.792ft 7.1in31.10
0.802ft 7.5in31.50
0.812ft 7.9in31.89
0.822ft 8.3in32.28
0.832ft 8.7in32.68
0.842ft 9.1in33.07
0.852ft 9.5in33.46
0.862ft 9.9in33.86
0.872ft 10.3in34.25
0.882ft 10.6in34.65
0.892ft 11.0in35.04
0.902ft 11.4in35.43
0.912ft 11.8in35.83
0.923ft 0.2in36.22
0.933ft 0.6in36.61
0.943ft 1.0in37.01
0.953ft 1.4in37.40
0.963ft 1.8in37.80
0.973ft 2.2in38.19
0.983ft 2.6in38.58
0.993ft 3.0in38.98
1.003ft 3.4in39.37
mft & inin
1.013ft 3.8in39.76
1.023ft 4.2in40.16
1.033ft 4.6in40.55
1.043ft 4.9in40.94
1.053ft 5.3in41.34
1.063ft 5.7in41.73
1.073ft 6.1in42.13
1.083ft 6.5in42.52
1.093ft 6.9in42.91
1.103ft 7.3in43.31
1.113ft 7.7in43.70
1.123ft 8.1in44.09
1.133ft 8.5in44.49
1.143ft 8.9in44.88
1.153ft 9.3in45.28
1.163ft 9.7in45.67
1.173ft 10.1in46.06
1.183ft 10.5in46.46
1.193ft 10.9in46.85
1.203ft 11.2in47.24
1.213ft 11.6in47.64
1.224ft 0.0in48.03
1.234ft 0.4in48.43
1.244ft 0.8in48.82
1.254ft 1.2in49.21
mft & inin
1.264ft 1.6in49.61
1.274ft 2.0in50.00
1.284ft 2.4in50.39
1.294ft 2.8in50.79
1.304ft 3.2in51.18
1.314ft 3.6in51.57
1.324ft 4.0in51.97
1.334ft 4.4in52.36
1.344ft 4.8in52.76
1.354ft 5.1in53.15
1.364ft 5.5in53.54
1.374ft 5.9in53.94
1.384ft 6.3in54.33
1.394ft 6.7in54.72
1.404ft 7.1in55.12
1.414ft 7.5in55.51
1.424ft 7.9in55.91
1.434ft 8.3in56.30
1.444ft 8.7in56.69
1.454ft 9.1in57.09
1.464ft 9.5in57.48
1.474ft 9.9in57.87
1.484ft 10.3in58.27
1.494ft 10.7in58.66
1.504ft 11.1in59.06
mft & inin
1.514ft 11.4in59.45
1.524ft 11.8in59.84
1.535ft 0.2in60.24
1.545ft 0.6in60.63
1.555ft 1.0in61.02
1.565ft 1.4in61.42
1.575ft 1.8in61.81
1.585ft 2.2in62.20
1.595ft 2.6in62.60
1.605ft 3.0in62.99
1.615ft 3.4in63.39
1.625ft 3.8in63.78
1.635ft 4.2in64.17
1.645ft 4.6in64.57
1.655ft 5.0in64.96
1.665ft 5.4in65.35
1.675ft 5.7in65.75
1.685ft 6.1in66.14
1.695ft 6.5in66.54
1.705ft 6.9in66.93
1.715ft 7.3in67.32
1.725ft 7.7in67.72
1.735ft 8.1in68.11
1.745ft 8.5in68.50
1.755ft 8.9in68.90
mft & inin
1.765ft 9.3in69.29
1.775ft 9.7in69.69
1.785ft 10.1in70.08
1.795ft 10.5in70.47
1.805ft 10.9in70.87
1.815ft 11.3in71.26
1.825ft 11.7in71.65
1.836ft 0.0in72.05
1.846ft 0.4in72.44
1.856ft 0.8in72.83
1.866ft 1.2in73.23
1.876ft 1.6in73.62
1.886ft 2.0in74.02
1.896ft 2.4in74.41
1.906ft 2.8in74.80
1.916ft 3.2in75.20
1.926ft 3.6in75.59
1.936ft 4.0in75.98
1.946ft 4.4in76.38
1.956ft 4.8in76.77
1.966ft 5.2in77.17
1.976ft 5.6in77.56
1.986ft 6.0in77.95
1.996ft 6.3in78.35
2.006ft 6.7in78.74



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