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List of links to converters available here at, we occasionally add new converters so it is worth checking back from time to time.

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Unit Abbreviations

Imperial Length Units

Unit Abbreviation As Metres Useful Information
thou th 0.0000254 1 thousandth of an inch, hence the name
inch in 0.0254 1/12th of a foot
foot ft 0.3048 Height is measured in feet and inches in the US and UK
yard yd 0.9144 Closest imperial unit in length to the metre
chain ch 20.1168 Length of a cricket pitch
furlong f 201.168 1/8th of a mile, sometimes abbreviated to fur
mile mi 1,609.344 1760 yards, often abbreviated to m in the UK

Metric Length Units

Unit Abbreviation As Metres Useful Information
micrometre μm 0.000001 Also known by the non SI name micron
millimetre mm 0.001 Often the smallest unit on a metric ruler
centimetre cm 0.01
decimetre dm 0.1 Rarely used
metre m 1 Base length unit of the SI metric system
decametre dam 10 Rarely used
hectometre hm 100 Rarely used
kilometre km 1,000 Used on road signs in countries using metric measurements
megametre Mm 1,000,000 Rarely used


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