Feet & Inches To Metres Full Height Conversion Chart (0ft-8ft)

Full conversion tables for feet and inches to metres (ft in to m) conversions. The tables on this page cover heights from 0ft to 8ft in steps of one inch, with metre conversion being given to two decimal places (i.e to the nearest centimetre).

ft & ininm
0ft 1in10.03
0ft 2in20.05
0ft 3in30.08
0ft 4in40.10
0ft 5in50.13
0ft 6in60.15
0ft 7in70.18
0ft 8in80.20
0ft 9in90.23
0ft 10in100.25
0ft 11in110.28
1ft 0in120.30
ft & ininm
1ft 1in130.33
1ft 2in140.36
1ft 3in150.38
1ft 4in160.41
1ft 5in170.43
1ft 6in180.46
1ft 7in190.48
1ft 8in200.51
1ft 9in210.53
1ft 10in220.56
1ft 11in230.58
2ft 0in240.61
ft & ininm
2ft 1in250.64
2ft 2in260.66
2ft 3in270.69
2ft 4in280.71
2ft 5in290.74
2ft 6in300.76
2ft 7in310.79
2ft 8in320.81
2ft 9in330.84
2ft 10in340.86
2ft 11in350.89
3ft 0in360.91
ft & ininm
3ft 1in370.94
3ft 2in380.97
3ft 3in390.99
3ft 4in401.02
3ft 5in411.04
3ft 6in421.07
3ft 7in431.09
3ft 8in441.12
3ft 9in451.14
3ft 10in461.17
3ft 11in471.19
4ft 0in481.22
ft & ininm
4ft 1in491.24
4ft 2in501.27
4ft 3in511.30
4ft 4in521.32
4ft 5in531.35
4ft 6in541.37
4ft 7in551.40
4ft 8in561.42
4ft 9in571.45
4ft 10in581.47
4ft 11in591.50
5ft 0in601.52
ft & ininm
5ft 1in611.55
5ft 2in621.57
5ft 3in631.60
5ft 4in641.63
5ft 5in651.65
5ft 6in661.68
5ft 7in671.70
5ft 8in681.73
5ft 9in691.75
5ft 10in701.78
5ft 11in711.80
6ft 0in721.83
ft & ininm
6ft 1in731.85
6ft 2in741.88
6ft 3in751.91
6ft 4in761.93
6ft 5in771.96
6ft 6in781.98
6ft 7in792.01
6ft 8in802.03
6ft 9in812.06
6ft 10in822.08
6ft 11in832.11
7ft 0in842.13
ft & ininm
7ft 1in852.16
7ft 2in862.18
7ft 3in872.21
7ft 4in882.24
7ft 5in892.26
7ft 6in902.29
7ft 7in912.31
7ft 8in922.34
7ft 9in932.36
7ft 10in942.39
7ft 11in952.41
8ft 0in962.44


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