Feet & Inches To Metres Full Height Conversion Chart (8ft-16ft)

Full conversion tables for feet and inches to metres (ft in to m) conversions. The tables on this page cover heights from 8ft to 16ft in steps of one inch, with metre conversion being given to two decimal places (i.e to the nearest centimetre).

ft & ininm
8ft 1in972.46
8ft 2in982.49
8ft 3in992.51
8ft 4in1002.54
8ft 5in1012.57
8ft 6in1022.59
8ft 7in1032.62
8ft 8in1042.64
8ft 9in1052.67
8ft 10in1062.69
8ft 11in1072.72
9ft 0in1082.74
ft & ininm
9ft 1in1092.77
9ft 2in1102.79
9ft 3in1112.82
9ft 4in1122.84
9ft 5in1132.87
9ft 6in1142.90
9ft 7in1152.92
9ft 8in1162.95
9ft 9in1172.97
9ft 10in1183.00
9ft 11in1193.02
10ft 0in1203.05
ft & ininm
10ft 1in1213.07
10ft 2in1223.10
10ft 3in1233.12
10ft 4in1243.15
10ft 5in1253.18
10ft 6in1263.20
10ft 7in1273.23
10ft 8in1283.25
10ft 9in1293.28
10ft 10in1303.30
10ft 11in1313.33
11ft 0in1323.35
ft & ininm
11ft 1in1333.38
11ft 2in1343.40
11ft 3in1353.43
11ft 4in1363.45
11ft 5in1373.48
11ft 6in1383.51
11ft 7in1393.53
11ft 8in1403.56
11ft 9in1413.58
11ft 10in1423.61
11ft 11in1433.63
12ft 0in1443.66
ft & ininm
12ft 1in1453.68
12ft 2in1463.71
12ft 3in1473.73
12ft 4in1483.76
12ft 5in1493.78
12ft 6in1503.81
12ft 7in1513.84
12ft 8in1523.86
12ft 9in1533.89
12ft 10in1543.91
12ft 11in1553.94
13ft 0in1563.96
ft & ininm
13ft 1in1573.99
13ft 2in1584.01
13ft 3in1594.04
13ft 4in1604.06
13ft 5in1614.09
13ft 6in1624.11
13ft 7in1634.14
13ft 8in1644.17
13ft 9in1654.19
13ft 10in1664.22
13ft 11in1674.24
14ft 0in1684.27
ft & ininm
14ft 1in1694.29
14ft 2in1704.32
14ft 3in1714.34
14ft 4in1724.37
14ft 5in1734.39
14ft 6in1744.42
14ft 7in1754.45
14ft 8in1764.47
14ft 9in1774.50
14ft 10in1784.52
14ft 11in1794.55
15ft 0in1804.57
ft & ininm
15ft 1in1814.60
15ft 2in1824.62
15ft 3in1834.65
15ft 4in1844.67
15ft 5in1854.70
15ft 6in1864.72
15ft 7in1874.75
15ft 8in1884.78
15ft 9in1894.80
15ft 10in1904.83
15ft 11in1914.85
16ft 0in1924.88



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