Feet & Inches To Metres Full Height Conversion Chart (0ft-8ft)

Full conversion tables for feet and inches to metres (ft in to m) conversion.

Quick Converter | 0 - 8 feet | 8 - 16 feet

ft & ininm
0ft 1in10.03
0ft 2in20.05
0ft 3in30.08
0ft 4in40.10
0ft 5in50.13
0ft 6in60.15
0ft 7in70.18
0ft 8in80.20
0ft 9in90.23
0ft 10in100.25
0ft 11in110.28
1ft 0in120.30
ft & ininm
1ft 1in130.33
1ft 2in140.36
1ft 3in150.38
1ft 4in160.41
1ft 5in170.43
1ft 6in180.46
1ft 7in190.48
1ft 8in200.51
1ft 9in210.53
1ft 10in220.56
1ft 11in230.58
2ft 0in240.61
ft & ininm
2ft 1in250.64
2ft 2in260.66
2ft 3in270.69
2ft 4in280.71
2ft 5in290.74
2ft 6in300.76
2ft 7in310.79
2ft 8in320.81
2ft 9in330.84
2ft 10in340.86
2ft 11in350.89
3ft 0in360.91
ft & ininm
3ft 1in370.94
3ft 2in380.97
3ft 3in390.99
3ft 4in401.02
3ft 5in411.04
3ft 6in421.07
3ft 7in431.09
3ft 8in441.12
3ft 9in451.14
3ft 10in461.17
3ft 11in471.19
4ft 0in481.22
ft & ininm
4ft 1in491.24
4ft 2in501.27
4ft 3in511.30
4ft 4in521.32
4ft 5in531.35
4ft 6in541.37
4ft 7in551.40
4ft 8in561.42
4ft 9in571.45
4ft 10in581.47
4ft 11in591.50
5ft 0in601.52
ft & ininm
5ft 1in611.55
5ft 2in621.57
5ft 3in631.60
5ft 4in641.63
5ft 5in651.65
5ft 6in661.68
5ft 7in671.70
5ft 8in681.73
5ft 9in691.75
5ft 10in701.78
5ft 11in711.80
6ft 0in721.83
ft & ininm
6ft 1in731.85
6ft 2in741.88
6ft 3in751.91
6ft 4in761.93
6ft 5in771.96
6ft 6in781.98
6ft 7in792.01
6ft 8in802.03
6ft 9in812.06
6ft 10in822.08
6ft 11in832.11
7ft 0in842.13
ft & ininm
7ft 1in852.16
7ft 2in862.18
7ft 3in872.21
7ft 4in882.24
7ft 5in892.26
7ft 6in902.29
7ft 7in912.31
7ft 8in922.34
7ft 9in932.36
7ft 10in942.39
7ft 11in952.41
8ft 0in962.44

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